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what's this, some sort of newfangled blog?


1/19/20231 min read

so this website builder comes with a built-in blogging feature. how cool is that! while i'm not new to blogging, i haven't actively kept up with a blog (a real blog, not micro-blogging like twitter or tumblr or mastodon & its forks) since blogspot was a thing. is blogspot still a thing? ...okay, just checked, it is still a thing, but requires everything be connected to your google account now. not ideal!

anyway, you may have noticed that you are on my shiny new personal website. if that's not where you thought you were, sorry friend, you're real lost! i created a new personal website as a place to keep all my projects organized, and also so that i have a handy little link that i can pass to people when hit with the inevitable "so, what do you do?" that has all my basic information without the extra-stuff that comes with social media.

in summary: my intention when setting up this website was not to start a new blog. however, now that we're here, i see no reason not to!

on my cool, shiny, new blog, i intend to post the following:

  • project announcements

  • project retrospectives

  • indie video game reviews

  • indie ttrpg reviews

  • book reviews

  • #Setting23 updates

  • probably other stuff i haven't thought of yet...

my goal is to post at least once per month, hopefully more.

all that said, who knows what the future holds? not me! not you either, probably, unless you have psychic powers, in which case that's awesome and you should help me cheat at poker.

assuming that you don't have psychic powers—which is an assumption i am going to make for the sake of my sanity—let's find out what the future holds (for this blog at least) together!